BONE PRO Support - Specially formulated for bone health and growth

Product Name: BONE PRO Support.

Product No: VFL-3062/VFL-30621.

Available sizes: 30 & 60 soft capsules / Bottle.


Red Algae Calcium (Marine Algae): 440 mg

Undernature Collagen Type II: 80 mg

Vitamin K2-Mk7: 50 mcg

Vitamin D3: 400 IU

Directions: Take 2  soft capsules daily with meals, for bone growth take 2 soft capsules with breakfast and 2 soft capsules with evening meal. 

Vitamins For Life ®  Laboratories – USA is dedicated to providing our consumers with quality certificate products, under the highest standards of the natural supplements industry to enhance their optimal health and wellness.

Manufactured by Vitamins For Life ® Laboratories, LLC.
1806 Bellmore St., Oakhurst, NJ 07755, USA.

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